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DN offering this volume to the public, its publishers can hardly hope that it will in all respects meet the approval of those whose golden opinions are so ardently desired. COWEN (County Commissioner), For southern Shoshone County. We, the undersigned, pioneer citizens of Kootenai County, Idaho, have read the manuscript history of said county, to be published by the Western Historical Publishing Company. After the Joint-Occupancy treaty of 1818 had been signed, negotiations on the subject were not re- opened until 1824.The accuracy and com- pleteness of such a work depend not alone on the conscientiousness and care of the compilers, but more especially upon the amount and quality of the materials which happen to have been pre- served. Long residence in the county, deep interest in its progress and active participation in many of the events which constitute the record of its development, enable us to judge fairly the merits of the work. In that year, obedient to the mas- terly instructions addressed to him on July 22, 1823, by John Quincy Adams, secretary of state, Richard Rush, minister to England, entered into negotiations with the British ministers Canning and Huskisson for the adjustment of the boundary. Rush was instructed to offer the forty-ninth parallel to the sea, "should it be earnestly insisted upon by Great Britain." He endeavored with great persistency to fulfill his mis- sion, but his propositions were rejected. By treaty concluded in February, 1825, an agreement was en- tered into between Great Britain and Russia, whereby the line of fifty-four degrees, forty minutes, was fixed as the boundary between the territorial claims of the two nations, a fact which explains the cry of "Fifty- four, forty or fight" that in later days became the slogan of the Democratic party.

spires Feeling of Confidence Year of 1879 One of Progress and Prosperity Development of the County Under Trying Conditions Summary of the Year 1881 Murder of Chinamen in 1882 General Miles Expresses Faith in the Nez Perce Indians Efforts to Secure Removal of County Seat from Lewiston to Moscow Establishment of State Normal School at Lewiston^Opening of the Nez Perce Indian Reservation Explosion of the Steamer Annie Faxon Memorable Mur- Palouse Branch to Lewiston Nez Perces County Sends Troops to the Philippines Gold Excitement of 1877 Roster of Pioneer Association New County Destroyed Through a Clerical Error Segregation 83 CHAPTER 11. Capture All the Offices But One in 1868-Clash Between Parties on Question of Annexation Vote on State Constitution Republicans Memorialize Congress Official Canvass of the Vote in 1888 Advent of Statehood National Policies the Issue in Campaign of 1890-Organization of the People's Party in 1892-Brilliant Campaign in 1896 -State Carried by the Fusionists Official Vote 97 CHAPTER 111. Lewiston Blossoms From a Canvas Town-Once a Portion of the Nez Perce Reservation Incorporators are Hampered in Their Efforts Indian Situation in 1877 High Water Real Estate Rapidly Changes Hands Irrigation Projects Com- municate an Impetus to Growth and Development Sale of Street Improvement Bonds Educational Facilities Nez CHAPTER IV. Traditional and Shadowy History Indians Secure Horses from New Mexico and California Expedition of Lewis and Clark Story of Wat-ku-ese Advent of Fur Traders into the Northwest Civilizing Force of the American Missionary- Adoption of Laws for Government of Indians in 1842-Schools and Religious Congregations-Moral Character of the People Disregard for the Rights of White Men Commanding Influence of Head Chief Halhaltlossot Nez Perce In- dians Swindled by Representatives of the Government Fort Lapwai Indian Training School A Word Concerning the Later Missions 122 CHAPTER V. Topography Picturesque Scenes Which Greet the Eye Nez Perce Uplands Especially Adapted to Agriculture Net Profits from One Acre Exceed 0 Rev. All European powers when colonizing the Atlantic seaboard, construed their colonial grants to extend, whether expressly so stated or otherwise, entirely across the continent to the Pa- cific ocean, and most of these grants conveyed in ex- press terms a strip of territory bounded north and south by stated parallels of latitude and east and west by the oceans.Descriptive history from historic sites across Latah County, Idaho.These descriptions include historical narrative and photographs.Before long the fire could not be contained, the fire ended up enveloping the block from the middle of the block, where the bar was, to the end of the block. References: Anderson, Dorothy, Troy City Historian. This one-part commercial building, faced with blonde brick, was constructed in 1953 to house C. For months the editorial force of the company has been searching with zeal and avidity for everything which could possibly throw light upon the past and present of Nez Perces, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone counties. as a standard history of the county we give it our unqualified endorsement. The British negotiators offered the forty-ninth parallel to the Co- lumbia, then the middle of that river to the sea, with perpetual rights to both nations of navigating the har- bor at the mouth of the river. In 1826-7 another attempt was made to settle the question at issue between Great Britain and the United States.Their search has not been as successful as they could wish, but they have done the best they could under the circumstances. The undersigned, pioneer settlers of Shoshone County, Idaho, hereby certify that they have read the history of said county tion of its compilers to such slight errors as they noticed. Albert Gallatin then represented this country, receiving his instructions from Henry Clay, secretary of state, who said : "It is not thought necessary to add much to the argument advanced on this point in the instructions given to Mr.RARE WESTERN BOORS : HM p.v( AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY NORTH IDAHO EMBRACING i IZPERCES, IDAH(), LATAH, KOOTE1I^! To offset whatever rights might accrue from these explorations, England had only the more thorough but less exten- sive survey of Captain James Cook, made in 1778.COUNTIES STATE OF IDAHO WESTERN HISTORICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY 1OO3 PREFATORY. The advantage in point of prior discovery would, therefore, seem to be with the United States as' assignee of Spain. tion-Legislature Prescribes New County Boundaries First Legal Execution in Idaho County Mining Conditions in 1889-Organization of Company C, First Idaho National Guards-Heavy Snowfall in 1891-Boundaries of the County Again Changed by the Legislature County Seat Contest in 1892 Abundant Harvest Ruined by Heavy Rains Hard Times of 1893 Strike Camas Prairie High, Hot Winds in 1894 Capture, Trial and Sentence of Highwaymen in 1897 -Idaho County Sends Troops to the Spanish War-Discovery of the Buffalo Hump Mines in 1898 General Prosperity in 1901 3 CHAPTER 111. Ideal Field for the Geologist The Seven Devils The Bitter Root Forest Reserve Extensive Bodies of Agricultural Land in Idaho County-The Beautiful Camas Prairie Scenery in the Salmon River Canyon-Indian Outbreak of 1877 Explorations in the Black Canyon-The Mining District Lindgren's Geological Report The Goodenough Vein- Marshall Lake District-Perpetual Snow on Summit of Lake Creek Divide-Many Slightly Developed Claims Thunder Mountain Region Description of the Mineralization of This Section The Bars of Salmon River Copper Properties-Quartz Mining in the Elk District Ancient Mining Section of Dixie The Evergreen Group The Buffalo Hump Syndicate Stock Raising, Agriculture and Lumber Industries-Fruit Growing- Idaho County Possibilities for Manufacturing 432 HISTORY OF LATAH COUNTY. Willis Sweet Danger from the Coeur d'Alene Indians Bannock Indian War of 1878 Rapid Settle- ment of the Palouse Country Fourth Session of the Territorial Legislature O. Moscow The Pioneer of the Valley Energy of Man Overcomes Obstacles Paradise Valley Indian Troubles of 1877 State University Annexation Excitement Responsible for its Location Curriculum Faculty of the Institution Ken- drick Foundation of the Town -Conflagration of 1893 Present Business Development-Genesee-Cdnditions Which Have Brought It From a Small Village to a Thriving Town-Troy Serious Fire of 1893 Juliaetta CHAPTER IV. Agricultural Industry The "Big Red Apple of the Palouse" Moscow Country Wheat Industry Abundant Yield of Vegetables Tramways of the Potlatch Country The Genesee Valley Productiveness of Soil Cattle Raising "The Great American Hog"-Hay-Cereals 6 CONTENTS. David Mc Laughlin, one of the first settlers in the valley, and son of Dr. Mc Laughlin, governor of the Hudson's Bay Company '. Taken about 1868 107 Original cabin of Richard Divine, the first victim of the Indians, killed June 13, 1877. Bellinger, William Book, Peter Bounds, James L Bowlby Wilson 378 2 4 6 i8 7 ...... The Americans claimed secondly as the successors of France. Formation of Territorial Government in 1863-Pioneer Settlements Difficulties in Crossing the Clearwater Early Remin- iscences of Hon. Railroad Reaches Moscow- tempt to Remove County Seat Question of Annexation Scheme to Elect Two Sets of County Officials 581 CHAPTER 11. Latah County Organized by Congress The Only Instance on Record Text of the Act Appointment of County Officers- Official Report of Initial Election Population in 1890 Political Campaign of That Year Pioneers of Latah County- People's Party Enters the Political Arena Financial Troubles-Changes for the Better-Political Campaign of 1894 Educational Matters Latah County in the National Campaign of 1896 Patriotism of Latah County in the Spanish War Prohibition Party Enters the Field in 1898-Tragedy of August 4, 1901-Prosperous Conditions 587 CHAPTER 111. Stevens Survey of International Boundary The Old Mullan Road Old Trails and Ferries Pioneers of the Early 'Sixties Old Mail Routes Fort Coeurd'Alene 753 CHAPTER 11. Early Political Affiliations Creative Act of 1864 Amendment of 1867 County Organization and First Officers Election of 1882 Financial Conditions-Northern Pacific Railroad Discovery of Coeur d'Alene Mines Early Courts Early Steamers-Election 1884 County Seat Contest 1885 Erection of Court House Short Crops Property Valuation U. Scientists have not yet deciphered their meaning 754 International Boundary Stone near Porthill. Clark Philander H 148 362 Easter, Levi C Eastman, William A 179 231 293 Bielbv, John Billow, Isaac S 251 234 Clayton, William S Cleveland, Ben D 364 349 Edwards, Joseph F Ellis, Pitts 276 342 Billups, John W Black, David Black Henry F 160 348 Cleveland, Presley P Cleveland, Robert M Click Orie W 362 358 Erickson, Andrew J Erickson, Erick Evans James H 320 320 33 8 Black, John H Blackinton, William M 251 Clugston, Warren 375 Evans, Orin 348 272 Blewett, John L :::::| Cole, Benjamin L Cole, Cassius M 278 365 301 Fairley, Earl E 2 47 Bofferding, Renny J... This, it was contended, would make the territory between forty-two degrees and fifty-one degrees north latitude the rightful possession of the United States.

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