Sex chat rooms for adult babies

Nanny Amelia loves changing her adult babies putting on their warm nappy and dressing them up.

Some of her babies want to stay overnight so she has a lovely large white cot with lacy white covers just waiting for her babies to get cosy and cum up to sleep.

es in her favourite pink frilly dresses made with lace and silk with lots of ribbons in their hair or maybe a frilly bonnet.

She teaches them to sing naughty nursery rhymes and little sissy songs in a girly voice Whether you want to regress to babyhood and be held tight and snuggled up warm with nanny to potty train you and enjoy toddler training. Nanny roxy will be there to chastise you for being dirty and will change you and make you clean again. Do you fancy being one of my babies or being sissified. Why not give one of us strict but kind nannies a call and you could be enjoying your fantasies from the comfort of your own home.

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Nanny Amelia enjoys feeding her adult babies, some of them need to be put in a highchair and spoon fed, other babies want to be bottle fed. She has a lovely row of pink and blue potties and she will teach her babies how to sit and do wee wees and number twos in the potty and to be a good clean baby and not to dirty that warm nappy.

Nanny Amelia always has room in her nursery for another adult baby and whatever pleasure she will endes baby boys.

Do you have adult baby fantasies like Michael, dont be shy give us a try. Give us a ring and share all your baby fantasies with us we have nannies of all ages just at the other end of the phone so go pick it up and dial that number now Calls to 0908 & 0982 numbers cost 1.53 per minute plus network extras; callers must be 18 & have the bill payers permission, all live services recorded. Service Provided by Digital Select Ltd, 271 Regent Street, London, W1B 2ES.

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