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Then Ashe walked into his life, in a very rom-com kinda way, and proceeded to marry him after a long courtship period, despite having food poisoning on her wedding day.Sounds like something out of a Much like George Clooney, Meyers married up, way up. In 2008, former longtime SNL cast member Chris Kattan got married, and Ashe attended the wedding as her sister's guest.Thursday, and thanks to Kelly Clarkson, it's already an instant classic.It began with Meyers chugging a beer before getting behind the bar at New York City's Top of the Standard.It's this kind of interest in the politics and the rights of women that is part of why we know that Meyers' family walks the walk along with him talking the talk on One of the hardest things as a feminist is the realization that your kids won't have your last name.Despite the forward motion women have made in not taking their husband's last names, in the end, the kids they carry still do.She Grew Up in Upstate New York: Shookus went to high school near Buffalo and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Turns out, Meyers has been married for four years and counting. Nor, like Steve Colbert, is she a childhood sweetheart.

News learned Thursday, three months after he and his ex Jennifer Garner filed for divorce. She's a Veteran Producer: Shookus started working as an assistant producer in 2002 and was promoted over the years. Shookus was the one to call Vanessa Bayer and tell her she had been hired to join the show as a cast member.2.The duo then took turns crafting drinks inspired by Simon Cowell, Blake Shelton and .In the "Blake Shelton," for example, Clarkson mixed bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, Southern Comfort—and since he's dating Gwen Stefani, she topped it off with "some B-A-N-A-N-A-S." After Clarkson admitted to having bad breath, a tipsy Meyers told her, "No, it's great.Meyers has been on Stewart’s show four times and they’ve “grown to like each other a lot.” The source says Stewart “definitely has a crush on Seth,” and it couldn’t come at a better time in her life.Bad news, all you losers, haters, and Hollywood elite: Looks like you’ll have to stick to Raya if the vetting process for Late Night With Seth Meyers’s fake dating app is as big-league and fantastic as its users claim.READ MORE Seth Myers tells TMZ he's already taken himself OUT of the running to play Paul Ryan on the upcoming season of "Saturday Night Live" ...insisting the identity of new Paul imposter is a closely…READ MORE A support group for stutterers is furious with Donald Trump for calling Seth Meyers a "stutterer" ...after the SNL star roasted his ass during Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner. READ MORE Donald Trump was surprised that he was the butt of so many jokes at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner, bemoaning, "It was almost like, is there anyone else they could talk about? Does Meyers have a steady date, or does he arrive single? Unlike some from the comedy world, like Steve Carrell, she's not a fellow improv person he married. Alexi Ashe is not an actress, nor is she a comedian.

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