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The midrange and tweeter were made of an original double-coated material made up of a base of thermoplastic resin on fabric serving mainly to maintain the shape and viscoelastic rubber-based resin acting primarily to dampen resonance.As well as becoming the standard for later Yamaha soft dome units, it was also used in elements such as the NS-1000M woofer edge.

For five years it served as the face of Yamaha speakers until the 1973 release of the NS-570, which became the recommended speaker for the first run of Yamaha Hi Fi components, the 700 series.

Its redesign featured a modern-looking three-sided enclosure structure that did not show a cross-section of the side plate.

Except for the NS-670 woofer, which used the JA-2501A, an improved model for the NS-650, the NS-690 and NS-670 speaker units were completely redesigned, establishing the technologies that became standard in Yamaha speakers like a large ferrite magnet and copper ribbon wire edgewise-wound voice coil woofer, a tangential edge molded soft dome midrange with a back cavity packed with sound absorbing material to lower the FO (lowest resonance frequency), and a soft dome tweeter integrating the voice coil bobbin and diaphragm.

It shared its popularity with the NS-1000M, which was introduced the following year.

The first speaker system to make use of Yamaha’s pure beryllium diaphragm, as legendary as our SIT (vertical power FET) Hi Fi technology, the NS-1000/NS-1000M was released in 1974.

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