Self updating applications

The user can manually enable the application to run, but this is not a perfect user experience.

To get optimal user experience, obtain a Developer ID Certificate from Apple.

Note: Only a subset of the JRE is included by default.

Some optional and rarely used files are excluded to reduce the package size, such as all executables.

Therefore, to replace the application icon, copy your custom icon to After you provide a customized resource, verbose build output reports that the resource is used.

For example, if you added a custom icon to an application, then the verbose output reports the addition, shown in Example 7-5.

A self-contained application contains your Java or Java FX application and the JRE needed to run the application.

The Java Packager has "." (the current working directory) added to the class path by default.

The Mac bundler uses the certificate to sign the Arguments can be passed to a self-contained application when the application is started from the command line.

You can also define a set of arguments to pass to the application if no arguments are provided.

To define default arguments, use the element in an Ant task when the application package is created.

Arguments entered from the command line override the default arguments.

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