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Launched in 2002, SAReunited now lists over 36 000 schools, universities and colleges and over 31 000 cities and towns in its database, and has over 664 000 registered users.

“South Africans, by nature, place great value on friendship”, says founder Themi Stergianos.

She now lives in Galway (Ireland) in a closed community that pray for people that need their prayers (they even have prayers and vigils through many nights).

Complete strangers do not know that these people pray for them, when they need it most. Resuscitate my 6-month-old baby when she stopped breathing.

They moved to another part of South Africa and I heard that a few years later, sadly her father committed suicide.

I then moved abroad and for many many years I lost touch with her.

I’ve not seen her since we were about 15, but soon! What was the most inspiring thing a teacher ever said to you? Someone I respected hugely for her patience and tolerance of children said to me “Amanda, just learn in life to pick your battles” – it really stuck with me as a simple but fantastic mantra to have. What was a life changing moment for you during your youth? She is South African too, originally from Hout Bay.

The day I came back from school to find that my parents had split. I never give up and whatever I do, even if its to wrap a birthday present, I’ll do the best I can with the means I have. When I met Claire she was naughty, a pretty girl with lots of suitors and a little glint in her eye.

I wished I could hook up with other South Africans in my area who were also new moms.

Claire will spend the rest of her life in this community as a nun in seclusion, following her calling to pray for people in need. She had an allergic reaction to egg, where her airways swelled shut and and she lapsed into unconsciousness. Nothing compares to the satisfaction I get from seeing them happy and balanced (most of the time! And something else that’s close to my heart is a nursery school in South Africa that we’ve helped to improve.

Imagine the strength to give up so much for others! For 14 minutes I fought to keep her alive while the ambulance came. Two years ago I went on a tour with Habitat for Humanity (a charity where volunteers rebuild shacks into proper homes).

“Overseas members, for instance, can upgrade to premier membership, whereby they can not only look for South Africans in their overseas city, but even search for those from a particular school who live in their city.” Around 70% of SAReunited’s users live in South Africa, while the majority of foreign users are in the UK, Australia, the US, New Zealand and Canada.

One reason for SAReunited’s success is its South Africanism: it was conceived, designed and developed by South Africans, who understand their users’ unique requirements.

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