Sandra bullock and bill pullman dating

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of While You Were Sleeping, a Christmas-set romantic comedy that helped to launch its young star, Sandra Bullock, to Hollywood megastardom.

The film, which co-starred Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher, was a huge critical and commercial success, grossing 3 million worldwide.

Then it's no longer predatory, it's funny.'" "We either sold or were commissioned to write 14 screenplays, and WYWS wasn't in our top three or four.

All our other stuff is just gathering dust on studio shelves.

On the way to a meeting at one of the studios to pitch the story, we had to figure out quickly what Lucy did for a job.

We just randomly started rattling off obscure jobs in Brooklyn, and came up with a token booth attendant in a subway.

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Especially when you add in a few of the ideas we’ve listed below to make your movie night into a night of laughter and romance!Her development executive said to us, 'Firstly, why would Meg want to do this movie if she's in a coma for most of it? It's kind of predatory with this guy telling this comatose woman's family that he's engaged to her.Why don't you flip it around – let the woman be the one fabricating the story.It's sad, but it's part of the industry." "The first script we wrote together was a Christmas story that sold in the early 1990s to Bruce Willis (he still owns it).In a nutshell, a New York cab driver's wife dies on Christmas morning, but then he goes back in time to Christmas 1969 to prevent the chain of events that later caused his wife's death. "It was initially based in Brooklyn, but Disney and the director (Jon Turteltaub) wanted to do it in Chicago. He used to watch all the entertainment shows on TV, and he'd always give me pep talks, saying, 'Someday I'll be watching news about you on these shows.' He died the night before I sold WYWS.That's why it has this real New York Italian character, Joe Jr, who is so Brooklyn, but nobody really questioned the weirdness of him being in the middle of Chicago! Everyone wanted me to do interviews and so on, so it was very hard. Dan had the opposite experience: His wife had just had a baby, and his brother won a couple thousand dollars in the lottery!" Two of the biggest female stars of the '90s, Demi Moore (pictured left at the premiere of her movie Disclosure in 1994), and Julia Roberts (pictured at the 1996 Berlin Film Festival). "The person who was initially meant to do the movie was Demi Moore.Once we did that her character came to life: someone stuck all day in a glass bubble watching the world go by around her, which led to her being in her own isolated world, alone without family." "Two days after WYWS sold we were getting meetings with studio presidents.We met the head of Disney, and before we could even open our mouths, the executives started pitching us ideas!I said something like, 'I'm such a loser, I couldn't even get a date with a woman in a coma'.Dan started laughing, and we started picking at that idea." "We pitched it to Meg Ryan's production company hoping we'd get interest from Meg to star in it.

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