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It is a worrying time though and if you need any advice or support, I'm happy to help.

He cannot sleep on his left side as it aches to much.We never see your credit card or personal information.For credit card or check payment: The cost for 3-day access is .99 will renew at .99/monthly if not cancelled (limited traffic of 1000 mb per day).I know it could be a lot of other things but due to the pain, Docs referal, the pain when the Physio felt his bowel, the left buttock pain etc do any of these symtoms seem anything similar to Colon Cancer?I'm very sorry if this all seems irrelevant but we just do not know and he is more worried by the day maybe due to lack of sleep due to worry! My only symptoms were constipation and rectal bleeding (but I had piles so wasn't that concerned).The Physio done what he does regarding mucles etc and said the pain in his lower left was not muscle related and that the pain was on the bowel, he was pressing the bowel near the hip and my partner said thats were some of the pain was, the Physio did say its not his department though.So to finish He has no piles and passes no blood and numerous blood tests over the past few months have all came back clear, also a urine sample was clear, since the Sigmoidoscopy on Wed his stools have been normal but quite dark? He is also now getting a dull ache in his left buttock which he has had for about a week and he has not been able to sleep on his left side for a few weeks due to the aches.I'm 45 and I never sufered any pain like your husband, but did have the following symptoms:-Intermittent constipation, straining in the morning particularly, rectal bleeding (with piles), feeling of discomfort in the anus or like something pressing down.I think I did sometimes have shooting pains in the anus but nothing remarkable.Many thanksancojo Dear Ancojo I read your post and felt for you and your partner - it's so horrible having symptoms, not knowing what they are, then tests and waiting, and fearing the worst! They didn't find anything on rectal examination and proceeded straight to colonoscopy, where they found a tumour which was higher up in the rectum.I'm sure if they had seen anything at your partner's sigmoidoscopy, they would have told you and the colonoscopy is another routine test to exclude anything sinister, which I hope is the case for your partner.

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