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For what it's worth that "older guy" is still a very close friend of the family and has dinner with my parents (and his wife and son) whenever they are in town. So if he wants to take his girl to the movies, the requirements are: 1. I think this is especially important for the boy to be acquainted with the girl's family, so he learns a healthy respect for the father and doesn't easily fall into the trap of objectifying women but truly sees her as someone's daughter. It was all pretty innocent, holding hands in public places with groups of friends, and talking on the phone for hours. My son is turning 11 soon, and he is going to dances. They will be in middle school in the fall, so I do expect that the dating issue will come up soon. He went to youth group at church w/ her last night. And I am constantly reminding him of what behavior I expect and how he needs to be respectful not only of himself and her, but of others who are around.

You and your husband meet her parents and ensure that they are okay with their daughter dating. (not that your son would do that, just speaking in generalities). My son is 13 and I would never go with him and a girl. No PDA, no posting pictures of things that no one needs to see, like making out, etc.

PS: If he wants to make out with this girl, it's going to happen whether you allow this movie thing or not.

This is something that I recall my mother telling my father when I was in HS and it was genius.

When he thinks he's found someone who's right for him and he feels he's done looking - THEN they can decide to become exclusive (not date other people anymore) and start thinking about where the relationship is going. If things progress, an engagement and marriage will follow through (no sooner than his mid 20's and some guys are in their early 30's before they are ready to settle down).His parents picked us up after the movie at the ice cream shop next door.My parents are super conservative, but allowed us to go because we were both good kids and were essentially chaperoned.He didn't want me going out with a Senior when I was a Sophomore. IF you insist on going along, consider seeing a different movie, at least!I remember her telling him (I was in another room) that they had raised me with a good head on my shoulders and a strong sense of right and wrong. Our 13 yr old boy and our 13 yr old girl are just now acknowledging the opposite sex. At 13 I was dropped off at the movies with a girl, that was 1982 so..... Oh, and when you dropped him off at the movies before with a 'group of boys'...So, I guess my answer is, I have never had a certain age requirement, more of a comfort level.Luckily my kids have never challenged me on it, though if my youngest wanted to go out alone with a boy I would say no, and probably tell her not until she's 16. I'm OKAY with the movie as long as my husband or myself are there. A - B grades (although this last quarter wasn't that great! I'm not one for keeping up with the Jones' and I don't subscribe to the "everyone else is doing it" either. We would sit behind them a couple of rows but they weren't allowed to go by themselves. my son has had the same GF since he was 13 and she was 11.He understands our desire to meet her and her parents. I would drop them off and pick them up, and not feel like I needed to be present. there's almost certainly a reasonable compromise here that doesn't involve belittling his intelligence (the bridge canard is way wore out.) would you be okay going to the movies but actually seeing a different one? Originally it was going to be with another couple but they had to back out. My response (and her parents response) was to either go with a group or a parent had to go. OH MY GOSH a teenage boy wants to go to the movies with a teenage girl!! so have them add a couple of friends and let them go as a group. Would he settle for a mixed group of 13 yr olds going to movies?

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