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He has received critical praise for his star-turning performance, play Jay, the streetwise, trash-talking womanizer who sets the tone for the film's antics.Malco recently co-starred in the independent film Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004) opposite Neve Campbell and Christian Slater. And that's probably what I like about the show is that it sort of takes something very simple and twists it, you know, just sort of turns it on its end." In Season 2 the show began doing a very unique thing with their opening credits; each week the theme song "Little Boxes" was performed by a different musical performer, including everyone from Elvis Costello to Deathcab For Cutie.Kohan said this would continue in Season 3, revealing, "We're opening with Randy Newman.

Kirk's string of soon-to-be-canceled shows kicked off with the 2012 workplace comedy , but her best friend/worst enemy Celia came close to stealing her crown on multiple occasions.earned many fans throughout its eight-season run thanks to its frank take on the marijuana industry.Viewers were able to follow Mary-Louise Parker's Nancy Botwin as she transformed from grieving widow to drug kingpin, resulting in misadventures and wild plotlines as she traveled from Agrestic to Ren Mar to Mexico to Washington to New York City (and everywhere in between).The group's name was changed to College Boyz and their first big hit, "Victim of the Ghetto," went to #1 on the rap charts.Malco was working as a music producer on The Pest (1997) starring John Leguizamo when the actor, impressed by Malco's dynamic personality, encouraged him to pursue acting.And suddenly I got a script, and I saw that I'm suddenly threatening people's lives and doing it while talking to a baby on a park bench.I thought that was clever and fabulous and amazing and really quite interesting.So we had some covers made, and when we got Malvina [Reynolds, who first wrote and performed the song], which is what we wanted originally, Mark said, 'Hey, you know, we still have a bunch of covers. ' And it sort of became his pet project and really took off from there.And, originally, we kind of put word out, and then we went after some people we wanted, and it just became this great thing. It's been really exciting." Kohan said her dream artist to do a cover of the song would be Tom Waits.The series earned critical acclaim throughout its run, and, although it definitely had its low points, the show's highs far outweighed its lesser moments.The show also helped to launch the career of Jenji Kohan, who would later go on to become well known for creating the Netflix original series , has continued to build on her successful career with projects in television, movies, theater, and even literature.

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