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It is a fertile soil for Horror films, and has been since the beginning – French innovator Georges Méliès is credited has having created the first film with horror elements, The Devil’s Castle in 1896 (Pre-dating his sci-fi masterpiece A Trip to the Moon by 6 years).A lot has happened since then – sound, colour, practical effects, CGI, digital, HD, 4K and beyond – but Europe is still scary as ever and being out of reach of Hollywood taste-makers it can create its own unique brand of scares.The majority of the film is set in a local police station: A teacher, a doctor, a hoodlum and a squad of police personnel, all with their own grisly guilty secrets.From first time director Brian O’Malley, Let Us Prey revels in its Irish accoutrements: the small town rural setting, jagged accents, dry humour and blatant Catholicism criticism.Night Watch is proof that whatever Hollywood can create, Russia will create a darker, and more idiosyncratic version.Characters, if characters are written well, should have wants and desires: To get the girl, to win the thing, to defeat evil.

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Despite the outlandish and repulsive acts and imagery on screen they are always grounded in reality, and are there to hold a mirror up to society and its sex, image and success obsession.

Tickets to the 2018“George Enescu” International Competition (1-23 September, Bucharest) are available in the Eventim network (Germanos, Orange stores, Carrefour, Humanitas and Cărturești bookstores...

Hollywood horror is now an endless stream of remakes, sequels and general lack of originality.

Cinema at its most elemental has everything to do with light. But in absolute darkness, and in the darkest shadows, the human mind imagines the worst terrors.

What is hiding in that shadow, that flicker to complete darkness?

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