Roadie dating

I guess the songs charm only gave us a second chance not a third :(I very much love this song since I first heard it on the Away From The Sun CD I bought 20 months ago.The melody, emotion, immense power, Brad's voice, just everything in this song knocked me to my core.

We got back together the next day and dated for just over 3 1/2 years.

It reminded me of how I have lost loved ones in my life starting with my grandma in 1998 and then just recently my father.

Even though they will always be with me in spirit doesn't hide the reality that I'm still here but without them. i was coming out of a bad relationship when we started dating (i thought i was over the first one, but i guess i wasnt)..anyways i ended up leaving her so i know i wouldnt end up cheating on her, or leaving her for anyone else (this was out of paranoia in a way)...

He had been my best friend before, during, and after our romantic involvment, so I could not hate him. I get within 5ft of her and my heart starts racing. As of the past 4 months I no longer see her every day and I still can't get over it. Finding out lots of stories and lies hurt him so much. For no matter what happens, he will love her for the rest of his life.

When he showed up for the first time I hugged him under the watchful eye of my husband and realized that I had fallen in love with him all over again. AH, I'll never be able to have you, but I'll always wish I add to my last comment, you know its about the band being on tour and away from loved ones because of the line "100 days have made me older since the last time I saw your pretty face". Ya see, I somehow managed to totally fall for a girl a whole lot younger than me. This song reminds me of my dad whom i lost when i was 4 yr's old, he died of brain tumor.i was not so matured and whenever i listen to this song i remember of my girl who is in love with someone else.

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