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Recently, talked with Levy about her character and the development process with director Matthew Warchus, Ballard and Stewart (from the Eurythmics). Obviously, Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard are rock legends, so to know that they had written the score, these two incredibly accomplished musicians, that was really intriguing.And, of course, Matthew Warchus is a director that I was dying to work with, so the fact that he wanted to see me was exciting.So it’s always a gamble you take, but early on in the process I realized they were not trying to replicate the film on stage.They were very much making this its own entity as a musical.I compared it a lot to Right away in rehearsals in London we hit it off.We actually read together at our final audition, and I think the world of him. He’s a great actor, and we forged a really, really close friendship., a show that originated in London and has now crossed the pond to pull on the tear ducts of New York audiences.Levy plays Molly Jensen, the iconic role first made famous by Demi Moore in the Oscar-winning movie from 1990.

Hang on a minute.’ And he wrote down the lyrics to the bridge on a piece of paper and fine tuned the melody that I was humming with Dave, and all of a sudden the bridge was there.We’ve taken all the strengths of the London production and improved upon them. I think she’s the kind of girl that we see early on in the show, who would say to her boyfriend, ‘Hey, let’s get married.’ She’s very feisty, very self-assured, very independent. This is the interesting thing about and what was unfortunate about the critical response: You can’t do this story without some level of magic and that involves technology and that involves actual tricks.I think the connection with her and Sam is an interesting one. It’s an integral part to the story because you’re a ghost and you’re walking through walls.But at this time, especially pre-Tony’s and this crazy season, it’s all about the show.I’m with the show until March of next year, and beyond that I don’t have any plans set.After losing her fiancé (Sam Wheat, played by Richard Fleeshman) in a violent altercation on the streets of New York City, she learns in a roundabout way that there’s life after death.Sam may be dead, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the picture. But once I heard what people were involved and what talent was involved on the creative side, I was really intrigued more than anything.But, yeah, I was quite nervous, because you never know how things will translate from film to stage.There’s so many movies turned into musicals, and some are very successful and some aren’t.And I knew that Bruce Joel Rubin, who won the Oscar for the screenplay, was adapting it for the stage. I heard two of the songs from the show when they sent me the material, and one of those songs was “With You” …and it’s just one of those songs that as soon as I heard it, I thought this is something special.

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