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He was going on for long and in the end I felt something almost like pleasure.

What’s the point to rent the house for the rich guy like me? I got this fancy house, a business, shares and benefits… I even got an album of the ones that like shagging.” - “No way, man! The next morning we went to the beach without putting on our swimming suits. I felt fun, relaxed, and my turn on wouldn’t go away. I covered myself with a towel and Erin put on a light summer dress over her naked body. Especially when we were walking outside the wind was blowing on the thin cloth making me so horny. I would think of those naked bodies again and again… Downstairs on the table he left the “guest-book” open on the empty page. When we woke up the next morning George was already gone.A bit annoying because it's hard to talk and hard to find a place to seat though, but at least you will be pushed in the crowd and on the dancefloor. 100,000, but they will serve you a very large beer.Good to go on Sunday or Monday because it is one of the few places still crowded. The fact that he was staring at us turned me on even more. And suddenly my wife knocked him down with the stupidest question ever. That’s in Paris…” the landlord was commenting photographs de style nu. It started with some Svetlana from Russia, than Nicole from LA, Maria from Spain, than a couple Bill and Sarah from Texas, etc. Naked men and women were in different poses in the well recognizable house.

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