Radiometric dating speed of light

Raymond Birge, highly respected chairman of the physics department at the University of California, Berkeley, had, from 1929 on, established himself as an arbiter of the values of atomic constants.

The speed of light is considered an atomic constant.

Within a couple of years, one of the creationist organizations had started publishing some of Barry's findings.

They were still preliminary, but there was so much more to this than he had thought.

In the meantime, Lambert Dolphin, the physicist at Stanford who had originally requested the paper, teamed up with professional statistician Alan Montgomery to take the proverbial fine-tooth comb through the Norman-Setterfield paper to check the statistics used.

Their defense of the paper and the statistical use of the data was then published in a scientific journal, and Montgomery went on to present a public defense at the 1994 International Creation Conference. Since then, a multitude of papers on cosmology and the speed of light have shown up in journals and on the web.

It was Bradley's independent confirmation of the finite speed of light, published January 1, 1729, which finally ended the opposition.

His paper went out under the auspices of a respected creation institution.

Under attack by both evolutionists and creationists for their work, Norman and Setterfield found themselves writing long articles of defense, which appeared in a number of issues of creation journals.

Flinders University threatened Trevor Norman with his job and informed Barry Setterfield that he was no longer welcome to use any resources there but the library.

Aardsma then published a paper criticizing the Norman-Setterfield statistical use of the data.

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