Radiometric dating of the siloam tunnel jerusalem Adult sex chat melbourne

The tunnel was made as one of the oldest systems to bring fresh water to the entire city.

This system of bringing water to places located further from a river was also known in Ancient Egypt.

In circa 1,800 BC, a Canaanite tunnel collected spring water which was used by the people during the dry periods of the year.

In the Bible, King Hezekiah was said to have been afraid that Assyrians would block the city with a siege and his people would die from a lack of water.

The Siloam Tunnel (ST) is the best-identified biblical structure that can be entered today.

We use geological, structural, and chemical features of ST and its internal deposits to show that it is an authentic engineering project, without any pre-existing natural conduit that could have guided its excavators.

by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the Eurek Alert system.

The Greek tunnel of Euphalios, which is the second longest one, was made during the 6th century and was only 335 m (1070 ft.) long.

The presumption that King Hezekiah constructed the Siloam Tunnel was based until today upon the Biblical text itself and the characteristics of the Siloam inscription (located in a museum in Istanbul), although the inscription does not say who constructed the tunnel. The half-kilometer long tunnel was constructed without using intermediate shafts, an engineering innovation for its day.

The new findings refute a recent claim that suggested a much later date for the tunnel. A simpler method, used for thousands of years, was based on excavating vertical shafts from the surface.

A report on the study of the Siloam Tunnel will be published on Sept. Aryeh Shimron of the Israel Geological Survey, and Dr. Radiometric dating is based on the decay of radioactive elements.

These act as physical clocks, allowing researchers to estimate the age of the material being examined.

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