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c.1875-1920 78 x 88 inches New York 00 Judea folk art is very rare. This amazing quilt top encompasses both categories.Created somewhere between 18, this wonderful piece of art was made before Adolph Hitler came to power.Antique quilt tops are never washed until they are quilted, so this is in original, as found condition. most of the fabrics appear to be from the 1920s and 1930s. The quilt top must have been pieced by different women (and I say women because very few men were quilters), the reason for this is that some blocks are finished with a regular American basting stitch and some of the blocks are finished using a back stitch. The sashing around the 9 patch blocks and the joining blocks measure apx 3 3/4 inches in width.One hexagon that I see is from the 1940s making it a 1940s quilt. Some of the thread used is linen, and some is cotton. The pieces are large enough that if someone wanted they could take it apart and make another design. The quilt top is machine pieced with a lot of wonderful 1890’s fabrics.All work is executed by hand with minuscule stitches. Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.QT221 Star of David Folk Art Original Design with Miniature Stars of Bethlehem Quilt Top.This quilt top is not only great for a fabric junky, but will work with almost any home decor. The first border is a 1 1/4 inch yellow strip the second border is 1 1/4 inch square all around the edge of the quilt. What a pity it hasn’t been quilted because when it’s finished it will be absolutely gorgeous. When someone buys this quilt, I’m happy to supply 19’s scraps to finish it.This may sound funny but another way that this quilt top can be used is as a table cover.

Is it possible that this fabric was the clothing of some very beloved individual?If you would rather have a finished quilt from your top, you can either complete one yourself or have us custom quilt it for you.Either way, purchasing a quilt top is a great way to own a fabulous piece of textile art!There’s an American flag flying over embroidered and dated initials, embroidery representing fireworks, probably representing the 4th of July celebration.This piece is filled with Victorian symbolism and items important to a little girl's life. This huge mint condition quilt top is comprised of thousands of 1.25" hexagons.Huge array of colors and fabrics to fit with any decor. Both hand and machine pieced, this quilt top does have a little bit of fade on a very few red pieces. This is one of the very few pieces in my shop that I know is from York, Maine, where my shop is. I’m also able to sell the same date fabric if someone chooses to have that. It would cost hundreds if you purchased all these fabrics as yardage.This triple Irish Chain/Sunshine and Shadows is beautiful.Betsey has chosen antique quilts tops to offer you based on condition, quality, graphics, and color.Antique quilt tops are wonderful used as tablecloths, or folded in a display area.This was created in the 1930’s with 1920’s and 1930’s fabrics. After 1929 depression, most fabrics were reproduced for many years after that.This piece is composed of hundreds and hundreds of 1/1/4 inch square.

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