Quicken not updating latest transactions

One of the main purpose is to track dividend stocks so there is a column that yield investors can make use of to track for this stock how much yield on cost (yield on your average cost of stock purchase) you expect.

Notice there is a “category” field, this is a drop down validation whose data is defined in the “Ref” sheet.

This is because for some unlisted assets, you forecast the dividends based on the amount while for others you calculate the amount based on the forecast yield.

While portfolio summary gives you a snapshot of how your portfolio performs currently, you might want to keep track of the overall portfolio over time.

Stock Portfolio Tracker do not have this problem because it’s stored as a spreadsheet in Google Docs in the Internet cloud.

You can always download the data as an excel xls or xlsx workbook to backup locally or if u intend to port it to another platform.

Yellow cells – these are cells that user will need to fill in appropriate data input.How do you set the triggers and do I have more info on portfolio history? I have blogged about in the past that I use Intuit’s Quicken to budget and track monetary stuff.Well that causes money and intuit is not the only provider.Light blue cells – these are cells that will be computed by Stock Portfolio Tracker automatically. Drop down selection – these cells are user inputs but they are fixed values that are derived from “Ref” sheet or other cells.Stocks are defined in the worksheet “Stock Summary“.We provide 3 options for updating of current last done stock price.Should your stock be unsupported by Google Finance, if you specify the stock symbol in Yahoo Finance, Stock Portfolio Tracker will automatically update your stock data with values from Yahoo Finance.Microsoft used to provide MS Money but they have stopped the support for it.Some folks may have concern with going too far with the app and difficult to switch to an alternative if another MS Money happens to their paid app.Update 2: Would like to thank the first time visitors from Old School Value and Bogleheads.This Stock Portfolio Tracker works for both dividend, net net or value stocks portfolio tracking in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more countries not to mention tracking of ETF portfolio. By entering these transactions we will be able to keep record but also good data to easily visualize these questions.

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