Questions to ask about christian dating

This is because we do not support withdraws to Contract Addresses.Because we are providing a service to you with the best possible fees on Ethereum we are forced to send all withdraws at the minimum Gas level.Users are reminded NOT to use FH as a wallet and to only deposit coins when needed. You can earn EXP in the following ways: • 3 EXP for every faucet claim • 1 EXP point for every 10 lottery tickets purchased.• up to 20 EXP for every Offerwall offer/survey you complete.From the "User" tab, click on "User Dashboard" and from there you will see the "Deposit" tab.Clicking this tab will take you to the address generation screen where you can generate an address for each of the coins FH supports.Each deposit minimum is clearly shown in At times our email system can be slow and it may take up to 10 minutes or longer for emails to arrive.

Higher levels also unlock higher betting tiers on some of the games There are MANY more additional features that will be added in the very near future and when they are, this FAQ will be updated.

Admin only has access to PMs in order to prevent unfair, or malicious behavior (i.e.

cheating, defrauding the site or other users, etc).

This provides no excuse to continue making deposits below the minimum amount.

As a user of the services we offer it becomes your responsibility to make sure that your knowledge of our minimum deposits is up to date.

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