Psp shuts off when updating

The hard drive becomes married to the PS3 after being formated which is why we have to do it twice.Doing this will fix MOST consoles experiencing this problem.All you need to do at this point is a quick scrub of the laser with a q-tip with some cleaning solvent (cd /dvd cleaner or distilled water or even windex) DO NOT USE nail polish / acetone. Now when that doesn't work now's the time to go ahead and order a replacement drive. If you've got a shiny silver bottom on the bottom of your blu-ray drive then you've got the KES-410A. NOTHING besides playing your discs correctly will change. The very first thing you should try is a manual display reset.You can get them on the internet so I'm leaving that up to you. You can perform this by holding down the power button when starting the PS3 until your hear two beeps, quickly release the button and the PS3 will attempt to reset the video.

If that didn't work, Sony has always suggested a firmware update / and or a System Restore.

When you've given up your foolish dream of fixing your PS3 with just a push of a button or if you can't afford to pay Sony to fix their mistake you could as a last resort open your PS3 and try cleaning the lens inside.

If you don't know how to open a PS3 check out some of the videos on youtube.

If you don't have the receipt or it's past one year then you're at a crossroads.

You can try and repair the PS3 yourself, but then you'll void the warranty once you remove the warranty seal.

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