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Of course, there are a lot of pretty and smart ladies in other countries, however a large percentage of western men dreams of dating a beautiful Russian woman with the site. What makes Western men look for a woman far beyond their native countries?

Although a “mysterious Russian soul” is one of the answers to these questions, there are a few strong reasons why so many western men wish dating with Russian girl.

All other worries, including career growth, recede into the background once she gets committed and becomes a mom.

Russian women honor home traditions and value their relatives.

When dating a Russian girl, you can be sure that every member of your family will be encompassed with a special care and attention.

Though Russian women are very romantic, they understand that life is not a fairytale and are ready to stem all the difficulties of the family life.

Russian Girls are not afraid to show they are weak.

They are very feminine and animalist, which makes any men feel more masculine.

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