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Tom’s growing relationship with Erin rubs Christina the wrong way, just as tension and silence build at home between Christina and Camille. It is up to Christina and Detective Nick Renata (special guest star Marc Anthony) to find her.Tom returns to surgery, while Bobbie and Steve try to help the family of an injured woman.Tom and Erin kiss and Christina goes on a date with nick In the wake of a critical situation involving her daughter, Christina turns to Det.Nick Renata (special guest star Marc Anthony) for help. tom tells Erin that Christina and him are just friends .The show follows the girls for the last months of pregnancy and for several months after they give birth.Some girls give their baby up for adoption, some girls try to raise their child with the baby's father and some girls struggle as teenage single mothers.Elsewhere, Kelly searches for a mourning mother's camera; Erin and Christina butt heads over Tom's career; and Steve is haunted by a past figure. Christina tries to tell tom that she still loves him, but chickens out. At the end, Christina reveals that she is pregnant.

At the end of season two Christina discovers she is pregnant with Tom's child.In Season two, we discover that Richmond Trinity is closing its doors due to financial ruin.Christina turns down a position to run a private dialysis clinic to become Director of Nursing at James River Hospital, the last hospital in that area and one that is facing closure due to its low quality of care.Some of the girls have supportive families or romantic partners, but many are struggling with broken homes and bad relationships.The girls are still in high school and most are unemployed.Navigating school, relationships and finances while dealing with pregnancy is harrowing.The girls all crack under the strain, giving viewers a first-hand look at the difficulties of teenage pregnancy.Every episode features interviews with the girl discussing what it's like to be pregnant and the thought process behind her choices.At the end of the season, a reunion show gives updates in each girl's life.An unexpected illness forces a mother to reveal a potentially life-changing secret to her adoptive son.Camille begins to build a relationship with hospital employee Marcus.

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