Pot smoker online dating who is rebecca gayheart dating

Attitudes are changing and you may be part of a shrinking group.

In fact, 56% of men and 46% of women approve of recreational marijuana use.

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I'm not going to get into the ethics or legal aspects of marijuana use, as there are others with infinitely more expertise in the field than I. , Why Marijuana is Illegal, and Marijuana Facts.) What I will say however is this: marijuana use, like smoking, drinking, religion, children, and politics, are all deal-breaking topics for many singles.

Whether you live in an area where marijuana is legal or not, it's eventually a discussion many of us will have at some point in time - again, depending on where you live, sometimes it's a conversation that will occur more than others.

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When someone you're dating, or, someone you're talking to via an online dating site, mentions that they're "420 friendly," what do you say?

It depends on where you live, thus why people use this code to share their interest and/or openness to others using marijuana.

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