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LAWC is looking for someone with experience of working with vulnerable women, particularly those who have experienced domestic abuse.

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Call for an appointment on 01582 730381 Learn More We pride ourselves on being a hairdressing team with innovative ideas.I thought women would have wages for housework years before that.I had absolutely no idea that we would lose single mother benefit and that child benefit would be threatened.Both groups still meet at Crossroads today, and the centre is now a base for 16 diverse independent organisations with their own projects and services, including Legal Action for Women, Single Mothers Self-Defence, and disability campaign group Win Visible.Selma James, 84, who founded WFH in 1972 and co-ordinates the Global Womens Strike, said: I didnt think it would still be going 40 years later.WFH did not stay in the new property for long evicted again in 1978 when the area was redeveloped.Campaigners walked into Camden Town Hall with one woman dramatically chaining herself to a first floor balcony in an attempt to gain council support, from where she unveiled yards and yards of petition signatures from local people demanding a womens centre.Today, Crossroads brings together women from different ages, backgrounds and communities to share experiences, and learn from and support each other.The centre is now a well-used drop-in and community resource centre, and a place of safety for vulnerable and low-income women. Women asylum seekers of the All African Womens Group meet twice weekly.Don't forget, for every purchase you make we'll make a free donation to your chosen charity. The Domestic Violence Law Reform Campaign, run by Women's Aid, the Sara Charlton Charitable Foundation and Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service, is celebrating a significant breakthrough as the government announced last month a new domestic violence law criminalising patterns of coercive, controlling and psychological abuse.The announcement is designed to clarify and strengthen the law on abuse, to drive a culture change ensuring that no form of abuse can be perpetrated without criminal sanction.

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