Pisces man dating pisces man

Pisces is ruled by the Planets Jupiter and Neptune.

Pisces share a great sense of ethics and values and live life with a philosophical outlook as reflected by the Planet Jupiter.

Getting your Pisces man to talk will be like finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone; in other words it is not simple, but it is possible.

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Even though those traits are all amazing, his ability to keep expressions bottled up may drive you up the wall, especially since a Pisces man is known to be attracted to outgoing women.Pisces is the last or the twelfth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by fish swimming in opposite directions; whereas the Cancer is the fourth sign, represented by the crab.People born in between February 20th to March 20th belong to the Pisces sign; while those born in between June 22nd to July 22nd belong to the Cancer zodiac sign.The astrological symbol of The Pair of Fishes represents Pisces’s dual nature, each swimming in a different direction simultaneously.Pisces must really focus and devote themselves to setting personal goals.Therefore, when they both form a union through love or marriage, it is like both of them have found their soulmate.There are no major differences in the personalities of the Pisces man and his Cancer woman.Neptune is in charge of Pisces’s relationship with pop culture, abstract thought, imagination and mystery. Each partner showers the other with affection and totally adores any they receive in turn.The giving of fancy gifts, breakfast in bed and weekend getaways are common occurrences in a Pisces-Pisces relationship. Both partners are only too happy to bend to the will and needs of their loved ones.Pisces are well known for their adaptability, conforming their interests and intentions to the situation at hand.This can be dangerous for The Fish, however, as their sense of self may slide off into the background.

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