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What concerns the plugins, we have a range of them in the Dating Pro Marketplace (, some of them already come with the product packages, some don't.To be sure, you can view the features comparison list here: Comments: I have use Pilotgroup for 6 years soon and have try lot of Dating script but PG Dating Pro is the best solution.Sorry about the delays with the communication, this is something we need to improve.Please contact us so we can agree on a communication schedule and have the issues resolved.Pros: In general, a convenient control panel from which you can manage the site. Constantly developing new functions and there is the possibility of ordering individual customizations. The questions were promptly answered in the chat support. However, while we fully understand your frustration, we must insist that we've upheld our end of the deal by providing you with the ordered software and additional modules twice, first while you were hosting your site on our servers and then on yours.

We are doing our best to finish your project as soon as possible. Hopefully, after your project is completed to mutual satisfaction, you'll be able to post a more favourable comment. by Pilot Group on June 27, 2017 Dear Frank, we're sorry you've had an unpleasant experience from working with our company.Not what you expect after buying this expensive software Overall: Pilot Group on April 09, 2018 Pratik, thanks for your feedback and for commending our customer service team.Script is excellent, lot of plugins and very very good support ¿¿¿¿ You will never find better solution to your business.Description: PG Dating Pro is a reliable platform to start your online dating community. One-time payment, re-branding opportunities, free technical support, upgrades & installation.So unwieldy visually, I paid for a Word press template upgrade - nothing like it.I get so frustrated that I keep having to send numerous emails to chase what hasn't been completed by the developers that I have to calm down before the next session.You get a stable dating solution with 14 free design templates, RTL language support, 6 popular payment systems and offline payment option, dynamic profile builder, multi-domain engine, SEO module, targeting, members security, and more.Dating Pro script includes powerful monetization tools - memberships, accounts, paid services.The response from these russian team are so slow or they never bother to respond at all.Only after countless email and calls then only they will do so.

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