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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a list of frequently asked questions on their website.You can find FMCSA FAQ at this link Please read through Trucker Docs™ Q&A before posting a question.

What do I do with the medical certificate and long form once I get them?Requirements for local drivers (intrastate) are regulated by the DMV of each state.You will need to check with your state DMV if you are a local driver.If you want to start driving again, you will first have to get a new medical card, and then visit your DMV, to self-certify in the category that is appropriate for the type of driving you will be doing.A DOT medical card is valid nationwide and can be used by any company so you don’t have to get a new one. There are companies that have a policy in place that states they want you to have the physical exam done by their own examiner.Medical professionals who participate in the CME program may be MD, DO, DC, APN, or PA.The caution here is that even though these professionals are certified by FMCSA, some states will not recognize certain categories of medical professional to qualify drivers within that state.If I’m working for a company is it their responsibility to pay for the DOT physical exam? An Federal DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate (Interstate) is valid nationwide so you can get certified in any state, no matter which state you have your CDL.See also: Who can I go to to get my DOT physical exam done?Is the DOT medical card transferrable or do I have to get a new one when I start a new job? Can I get a copy of my DOT physical long form or will I have to take another physical? What if I recently developed a medical condition that I couldn’t drive. Can my Company have different medical requirements than the FMCSA requirements?Is there a difference between a DOT medical certificate and a DOT physical card? What do I do if my medical card gets lost or damaged? Can my new employer make me get a DOT physical even if my current medical certificate is still valid for another 18 months?

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