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That’s how your partner wound up in this situation in the first place.His willingness to let you know that he has HPV was really brave.I want you to know that I appreciate it.”People make a lot of judgments and assumptions about people with sexually transmitted infections, but STIs are so prevalent these days that there really are no widespread patterns in the people who contract them.You can get an STI regardless of your race, class, education, sexual orientation, age, or number of partners (unless you’re completely celibate of course).It really sucks that your partner was given HPV unknowingly.I’m not sure if his past partner knew about their status or not, but it’s a bummer either way.

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Many STIs can be treated with a simple course of antibiotics. HPV gets a bad rap, but did you know that many strains of HPV can be completely cleared by your body without causing any ill effects?Make a commitment to using condoms every time the two of you have sex.You can also talk to your doctor about getting Gardasil, the HPV vaccine.He let me know about it right when we started dating, before we had sex. Here are seven do’s and don’ts for dating someone who has HPV — though many of these tips would apply to dating someone with any STI.He feels like he’s damaged goods and has to live under a rock the rest of his life. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty big stigma that comes along with having a sexually transmitted infection.With your partner, talk about how the two of you can be safe when you’re being intimate.Discuss the risk levels of the activities the two of you like to engage in.Even people who are vigilant about practicing safe sex can wind up with a sexually transmitted infection.The fact that the person you’re with has an STI says nothing about who they are as a person, so try to fight any judgments you might be inclined to make.Because of that, a lot of people with STIs are hesitant to inform their partners.Other people want to refuse to attend to their symptoms or acknowledge their STI status altogether.

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  1. However, if you’re shy, or would prefer to gage whether they’d like to see you again, perhaps you could hint by saying: “It’s been lovely meeting you, I really enjoyed it.” If you’re 100% sure you don’t want a second date, it’s important that you still try to end the date on a warm and positive note, while being truthful, to avoid hurt feelings.