Non credit video chat

You never need to visit GCC’s campus to complete your coursework (but a lot of our online students love coming here anyway, to study or work in our library or take advantage of our student services).

Hybrid classes may require occasional meetings on campus, but generally 50%-99% of course work can be completed online.

There are two main flavors of live chat systems: The primary difference between the two is who owns and operates the server hardware and live chat software.

When getting started, I usually recommend starting with a hosted solution.

An installable solution can also offer a higher degree of data protection since you will control the full environment and can implement additional security controls that may be unique to your environment.

Students trying to balance work, family and education can fit online college courses into their own schedule, allowing them to pursue their education.

Regular interaction with instructors is possible through online chat or video chat, email, phone, and online discussion areas dedicated to class questions and conversation.

Adding CRM integration, video chat, multiple departments and skillset based chat routing are nice features, but they also add significant complexity to the implementation and learning curve. I recommend starting with these basic features: When operators are signed out or marked offline, some chat systems replace the chat button with a popup form instead. If an operator isn't available to chat, simply hide the chat button altogether.

The chat button should only be visible to customers when operators are available to chat.

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