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And what is so strange about this is that it totally proves why the method they're so poorly trying to convey to us wouldn't work. I'd much rather be a badass like her [Furiosa] than whiny little bitches like you! (He looks behind him and the Bat Signal comes on) See? I'm not gonna act like everything Seuss wrote was a masterpiece, but when he got it right, he get it right.

People do make bad choices when they're emotional and bad things do happen. If there was a likability scale from 1 to 10, you would be negative Pi! Hey, here's a thought: If you have to complain about how someone's stealing your manhood, chances are you never had your manhood to begin with! They don't need to be updated, they don't need to be fixed, they don't even really need to have movies made about them. They're stories that we are continuing to read even today.

I'm 99% sure she has a thread, but I can't find it.

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NC: "Well, if you count bullets blowing up the head of your fictional dead girlfriend, yes. I mean, I know a person really was murdered in real life, but it wasn't the same way, it wasn't the same time, and it wasn't even the same gender as they're saying here. Christ, if you're the future of what being a man is, slap a fucking vagina on me! Are women just falling at your feet because you bitch and complain about them online? Figured out who Superman was, figured out who Batman was, and I planned two kidnappings to take place on the night that he was planning to finish him off. By having grown-up humor you make it more childish, by modernizing the dialogue you make it more dated, and by changing the source material you show how much you don't respect what's already perfect.

In fact, maybe have someone else read over your script.

I'm sure if you had a second pair of eyes on the thing, they probably would have caught all the times you used comparisons to the original show as standalone points when you're preaching how the new show shouldn't be compared to the original show.

I could go on, but I need to let everybody else have a say.

My advice is that you should really reconsider your way of commentating. And I wanna clarify right now to those saying "but Rion, you guys were harsh too." Well one, our jokes were clearly hyperbole as you can tell in our acting while Power_Armor's insults mostly just came off as bitter and unpleasant.

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