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Every marriage is different, every separation is different and every divorce is different.How soon is too soon to start dating again depends on several factors, including your emotional state, your ex-spouse's emotional state and your legal situation.That's probably not the impression you want to give, so you should hold off dating until you are past the anger and the need to vent.It isn't easy to know how you're going to handle a new relationship until you try.I have been sorta feeling like that, really am not feeling like pursuing anyone or using up any energy on someone else right now...I've been trying to date, have been seeing a new lady who is also recently separated and we have a sexual chemistry but so little else...Your ex might be willing to accept that the marriage just wasn't working out -- the divorce might even be her idea -- but if you start dating before she's ready for it then she can make things very difficult for both of you.

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It is very melancholy feeling, like there is some passion there but it is a just a slow hot controlled burn.

I have no desire and don't know if I want to ever be in any type of relationship again...I feel sad for myself thinking I am just going to be lonely. Am I too damaged to let myself find any type of relationship. I NEVER want to experience another bad relationship, much less divorce.

I have my beautiful children but still they will grow very fast and be off with friends etc.,... Sorry for the rambling I am just feeling all over the place today, angry, sad, embarrassed.... I have dated a few women, since my divorce 2 years ago, but no serious relationships...neither do I want one. I am re-discovering ME and have nowish to bring some one else in to this.

The past two years have been so stressful and hellish, that I could never trust a man ever again.

I know there are great fellas out there, but I know that I am so damaged, and I don't see myself as material for any kind of successful relationship.

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