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Food sources can change throughout the course of a season so become familiar with all types; especially those that are appear naturally in your hunting area.

Food can still be a hot ticket but bedding areas, travel routes and staging areas are usually where you are going to find a lot of buck movement.

Shoot, even Northern and Southern deer hunters in the States will have different time schedules on when they move trail cams but you get the point!

Even if you like to track spring gobblers during this time of year (and who doesn’t) you can still kick off your trail camera tour.

In order to keep up with these changes you must move your trail cameras.As soon as the leaves start to gobble up the landscape buck antlers will start growing and they will naturally seek out salt and other minerals.Does and fawns will also be attracted to these sites and capturing them on camera is a great way to determine how many new deer have been added to the herd as well as how many does are in the area.This info will be highly valuable in a few short months when the rut kicks in.Doe bedding areas or suspected big buck hideouts are great locations to start mineral sites in early spring.The only thing needed is a little attractant to get the ball rolling.For the most part this includes one ingredient - salt.Not only are minerals a good attractant but introducing an intruder into the area is a great way to arouse a buck’s interest.This can be accomplished with a licking branch and some natural, pre-orbital gland secretions.So why would anyone think it was a good idea to keep their trail camera hanging in the same location year round? If you’ve made the mistake of leaving your trail cameras hanging on the same tree from opening day until post-rut then it’s time to start looking at the calendar and designing a better trail camera strategy for different seasons.Please note this trail camera placement strategy guide does not give exact dates due to our global customer base and the fact that every region is a little different.

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