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Those agreements are largely set by the carrier in the selling country, the same a long distance calls.

The foreign telecom charges the Canadian company some absurd amount per MB, and the Canadian company forwards it along.

Source: Work in the wireless industry I notice that when I'm at a border crossing my service switches to roaming even before I've gone through. Rogers tried to nail my brother every single month a few years ago, because they refused to believe he lived close enough to the border.

That could be 1 hour of netflix/porn in SD (on each), but these days numbers like that are low enough to be legitimate work related stuff.

The Hamilton Family Health Team offers several nutrition programs and classes to help you better manage your health.

Our groups are a fun way to learn about nutrition and make changes you can feel proud of.

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Whomever chose the plan for choosing such a bad plan/provider?A warning will also be issued if the anticipated humidex is 40°C or warmer for a period of 2 days or longer.Humidex values describe how the hot and humid weather feels to the average person.If I can use ~300 MB of data on One Drive, having only been back at work for a week, to use 1.4 GB on automatic syncing crap, apps auto updating, well inside the realm of possibility, especially if they have outlook on their ipad and get a lot of email, or if there are a lot of documents being created/edited/distributed.And I spend about 90% of my time at home on wifi or in my office on wifi.On wifi - again, no video or music on my phone, I've used 3GB on whatsapp, 3 on Reddit, 627 on "Google play Service" (again, I'm not sure what is using that, probably software app updates), 600 MB on facebook, 370 on "Samsung cloud" (data backup), 300MB on maps, 311 on Google play store, 255 on Android OS, 243 on Onedrive (which could easily be the culprit for them, if their organisation has it misconfigured and documents pushed to their onedrive are getting downloaded/synce'd to the device).– KFL&A Public Health is issuing a heat warning for Thursday, July 21, 2016 until Sunday, July 24, 2016, to advise residents in the Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington area that the extended nature of the hot and humid weather that will be affecting parts of this area, may have adverse health effects.According to Environment Canada, the hot weather conditions will start Thursday with humidex values expected to exceed 40° C during the afternoon.The KFL&A area is geographically located in the southern region heat warning zone.A heat warning for this zone is issued by Environment Canada when the forecasted maximum temperature is expected to be greater than or equal to 31°C and the lowest nighttime temperature is anticipated to be at or above 20°C for a period of 2 days or longer.

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