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Nobody likes to lose a person they care about or to introduce a complete stranger (such as your new partner) into what used to be time spent together discussing their lives and secrets.If you are seen to be making an effort to keep your friends in your life, you may find their resistance slowly disappears.If certain friends still won’t accept that and expect to see you alone because they won’t tolerate your partner than this could end up causing you relationship problems.If you’ve challenged their views, given them a period to adjust to the change (by spending some time alone with them and introducing your partner into the picture slowly) and they still won’t make him or her feel comfortable, then it might be time to drift away or give them an ultimatum.This could be especially true if your partner is shy or uncomfortable in some social situations.

The best way to avoid this issue is to make time for your existing friends.

Sure, they might take to him or her immediately, which often happens, but what do you do if your friends don’t seem as enthused as you are?

There are many reasons why friends may not like someone’s choice of partner.

If you think any negative thing they say about your new beloved is likely to throw you into fits of rage, then it’s better to just ignore the situation until you can handle a serious conversation on the matter without writing off your friends completely. Make time for your friends Sometimes, the reason friends don’t respond favourably to your new choice of partner is that they are afraid they will lose you.

I’ve seen it happen plenty of times with platonic friends of the opposite sex, for example, who fear their friend won’t seek out their company once happily attached.

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