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But we realized that as soon as she did, the news would be out there long before her episodes began airing.

It was actually Frank's idea to try to slip her into an earlier show that had already been written and shot, so we could take everyone by surprise.

In early 2014, an all grown up Nathan came to Port Charles, determined to make Silas pay.

Silas and his then-girlfriend, Sam Morgan went to the clinic Nina was staying at to see her, but, to Silas's surprise, Nina was gone.

On New Years Eve 2016, she married Valentin Cassadine.

Through her marriage to Valentin, she gained Charlotte as a stepdaughter.

However, when Sam comes over to meet Silas for a date, Nina comes off as passive-aggressive towards her and Sam wonders if she's hiding something.

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Silas Clay and eventually married him after they graduated from college.

As a child, Nina was spoiled by her wealthy father, and was use to getting her own way.

Nina was prone to outbursts and could get aggressive when she didn't get her way.

She was also the one who trashed Silas' apartment back in March, which means she has been awake for awhile.

Nina also wants revenge on her mother, Silas, Sam, Ava and Kiki.

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