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Only the occasional big truck out on the two-lane highway, grinding up through the gears, hammering down the long gradients, growled out an intrusive threat.

But behind the house and far away from the road: that was safe. We are going into a number of dark places, but I think I know the way. Unrivalled master of suspense Stephen King takes the unsuspecting listener on a fantastic journey through the dark shadows of our innermost fears. Hall ( Six Feet Under) performs Truman Capote's masterstroke about a young writer's charmed fascination with his unorthodox neighbor, the "American geisha" Holly Golightly.

Is this the work of a cult, or role players, or even modern-day vampires?

star and his wife were spotted walking their adorable pup on Tuesday (May 23) in New York City.

Here's the lowdown on the cast: The actor will take on the role of main character Tom, a widowed father of two teenage daughters and paediatrician who is grieving the loss of his wife from cancer.

In 2013, he played the part of David Kammerer in the film Kill Your Darlings.The house looked right, felt right to Dr Louis Creed. A place where the family could settle, the children grow and play and explore.The rolling hills and meadows of Maine seemed a world away from the fume-choked dangers of Chicago.Two joggers have been found dead in San Francisco - bitten and hung by their feet to drain the blood.Further murders in California, and then on the East Coast as well, completely baffle Alex and the FBI.First, Angelina Jolie announced that she had her ovaries removed after undergoing a scare that, fortunately, did yield a positive result. In real life, though, it's an awful disease that should have known better than to mess with this incredible actor. Hall have filed for divorce," their reps said in a joint statement.Season 2 — beginning with soldiers in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces fighting an illegal war in Egypt, and ending with the downfall of her third Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan after a devastating scandal — bears witness to the end of the age of deference, and ushers in the revolutionary era of the 1960s.Cancer has, sadly, been in the news an awful lot over the past couple weeks. The 40-year old actor, who split from wife/co-star Jennifer Carpenter in December and was then rumored to be dating Julia Stiles, is dating Vanessa Abrue, a source tells Radar Online. On Showtime's Dexter, evil doers should be afraid of Michael C. He'll slice them up into little pieces and deposit them into the ocean.He was married to actress Amy Spanger from 2002 to 2007 and to actress Jennifer Carpenter from 2008 until to 2011. She has also appeared in the TV series Casualty, Dream Team, The Sins, Shades, Doc Martin, Coupling, and Teachers.Amanda was previously married to actor Martin Freeman, and the former couple have two children together. She's a French actress who's best known for playing the Lady of the Lake in Kaamelott, Joséphine Karlsson in Spiral and Hortense Larcher in Un village français amd Magalie in The Intouchables She raises a son named Lou with her actor-director boyfriend Djibril Glissant. The British actress is the 29-year-old sister of Hollywood star Gemma Arterton.

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