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They note a difference between, on the one hand, creative play enabled (for example), by remixing content, and on the other hand, “creating new knowledge.” In so doing their discussion of theoretical perspectives on uses of the World Wide Web as an educational tool identifies an important tension: the “challenge” of “defining what counts as ‘valid or legitimate or desirable’ forms of understanding and creativity in current contexts” [6].This paper extends this same research trajectory into what Langlois (2014) calls “the age of social media,” arguing for the creative potential of reading on social media platforms and addressing the same challenges identified by Greenhow, This paper’s focus is Facebook, currently the most widely used example of social media.Content, provided by publishers, advertisers and (non-professional) users, includes written articles, video, podcasts, image-based media (advertisements, infographics) and music. It is fair to say that a large amount of time spent on Facebook involves reading content.

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A philosophy is to be measured in terms of what it can do, not if it is right or wrong. “Hacking the social: Internet memes, identity antagonism, and the logic of Lulz,” , number 22, at accessed 1 September 2017.

What Facebook gives to CSD is speed, strengthening immanence; and rhizoanalysis, exploding reading and allowing more opportunities for creativity. In part one it notes the popular perspective that reading on a platform like Facebook involves all of the problems of reading online — distraction of the reader and limited depth of engagement with text — in order to offer a vision described earlier: reading on Facebook (or any other social media platform that shares Facebook’s dominant characteristics) involves immanence.

That perspective recognizes an immanent structure of user and content and proposes it as a form of resistance (or “play”) to Facebook’s underlying commercial determinism.

On the contrary, speed and distance result in a closer inspection of the material substance of what we are reading rather than the ideas circulating around what we are reading.

There is the potential for Facebook to inflect CSD, to make it uniquely a digital expression of CSD — referred to in what follows as Close Reading using Facebook (CRF).

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