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Even more unclear are the reasons behind Kennedy’s hours-delayed decision to report the accident.The speculation surrounding the tragic event, Kennedy’s eventual guilty plea and his 17-minute televised-testimony explaining his "indefensible" side of the story serves as the inspiration behind is based on a true story—but sensationalism is to be expected given the fact that Kennedy’s own account has historically raised eyebrows over its truthfulness.In 's version, some people claim that Kopechne was alive for at least an hour after the car sank, trapped inside, and could have been rescued had Kennedy immediately phoned for help.But with the only people actually involved now both gone, everything added to the discussion is hearsay or assumption.Simply put, nobody really knows what happened at Chappaquiddick, except Kopechne and Kennedy, both of whom are now dead.

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'Chappaquiddick,' releasing on April 6, 2018, tells the story of Kennedy's infamous car crash in 1969 that killed Mary Jo Kopeckne.

The campaign worker left politics after the sudden and devastating assassination of Robert Kennedy; many closer to Kennedy believe the Boiler Room gathering was his excuse to get her to return.

After three jarring deaths — his oldest brother died in WWII, and brothers Robert and John were assassinated — the youngest Kennedy bore the additional pressure of carrying on the family political legacy.

Kennedy went on to have a long and storied Senate career, while Kopechne's death is bandied about by conspiracy theorists.

Though it pushes its own point of view, ' Kate Mara brings Kopechne to life.

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