Marine corps dating regulations

Stamped information : Officer’s Dog Tag* Notice - Monel metal is corrosion-resistant alloy of nickel and copper, with small content of iron and manganese** Notice - The early issue Dog Tag had on side one etched hand-written personal data and on side two etchedright index print. On most examples of M-1940 USMC and USN "Dog tags" I had possibility to survey, there is not stamped date of Tetanus shot application, which was stamped to standard tags of "C" and "D" shape during WW2 and thus these tags should be post or very late WW2 issue.

Stamped information : this is general format, "Dog Tag" format can differ from unit to unit, see picture bellow which shows very different forms of "Dog Tag" marking ( from 1941 to 1945 ) I had possibility to survey, "L. After war M-1940 tag continuously replaced the tags of "C" and "D" shape.

If your boyfriend is abusive, you need to contact the 1st Class' commanding officer.

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Any tattoos that are racist, sexist, drug-related, vulgar, anti-American or are associated with any extremist group or gang are already not permitted on Marines.The most important issue right now would be your safety.Your boyfriends CO can also issue an MPO which should keep your boyfriend from having any form of contact with you.There exists 6 basic shapes of USMC "Dog Tags" : A - circular perforated at one side, size: of a silver half-dollar B - circular perforated at each side, size: of a silver half-dollar C - oval perforated at one side, size: width 1.25 inches (3.18 cm), length 1.5 inches (3,81 cm)D - oval perforated at each side, size: width 1.25 inches (3.18 cm), length 1.5 inches (3,81 cm)E - rectangular with rounded end/notch, size: width 1.125 inches (2,86 cm), length 2 inches (5,08 cm)F - rectangular with rounded end, size: width 1.125 inches (2,86 cm), length 2 inches (5,08 cm)* Notice - The Marines assigned to AEF (American Expeditionary Forces ) in France during WW1 used Army "Dog Tags" of shape "A" and "B". has authorized the use of the Marine Corps identification tag until the exhaustion of present supply, after which the tag in the Navy regulations ( tag of "C" shape ) will be used.In the inter war period and at the beginning of the WW2 the dog tags were not standard issue. ID tags will be issued "in the time of war or other national emergency ....". * Notice - during WW2 the standard issue "Dog Tags" used by USMC were tags of "C" and "D" shape, the wider use of U. ARMY M-1940 "Dog Tag" by Marines started after the end of WW2.The new policy also clarified the size of any tattoos visible in PT uniforms cannot be larger than the wearer’s hand with fingers extended and joined and the thumb touching the base of the index finger.The 2007 policy was vague on the size, stating only that very large tattoos or collections of smaller tattoos covering all or most of a person’s arms or legs – also called sleeve tattoos – were unauthorized.For officers, band tattoos wider than 2 inches are now prohibited.Enlisted Marines are allowed bands only as wide as one quarter of the arm or leg where it is tattooed as seen in the PT uniform.for rules on underage dating you would have to refer the the articles for courts martial.According to the UCMJ a minor is considered anyone under the age of 16. The legal age of censent is dependant upon the state so you should read the laws on that.

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