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He was wearing a flannel button-down and was modestly hunched, carrying a reused Poland Spring water bottle filled with translucent pink fluid. No, because I always have the option of writing any way I want, and I usually try to write every possible way into a song, and then the best lines win. Igor Stravinsky, in, said the real artist is not just an instinctual being; they’re also using their intellect and their spiritual faculties and their analytical faculties and their training and everything. They’re putting all that into their art, and they’re not just going to say, “I’m a romantic artist — I will only do what my muse is telling me.” You’ve said you’re working on something called , and that it’ll sound unlike any other Weezer record. I mean, I keep telling everyone it’s coming in May. It sounds very like that core, emotional Rivers that an old-school fan would love, but then the way it was produced — my piano is in there, but then there are all these electronic, dark elements that sound like nothing we’ve ever done. There’s a prerequisite which is that you have to be in a lifelong committed relationship, or you have to be completely celibate for two years, at least.

He seemed blissfully unaware of how much he stuck out. There’s an app called Entrain: You put in where you are, where you’re going, and what time you want to wake up, and it tells you when you should put on your orange glasses, and when you should shine this insane blue light in your face. Sometimes, it’s from a database like what I’ve described, and sometimes it’s from a random piece of inspiration, or sometimes, it’s from digging really deep. Getting back to college: It was much discussed at the time that you were in a period of total celibacy. From the time I took my first Vipassana course, which was ten days, I was like, “I want to get into the long course. Do you tell people who are going through troubles, “Hey, try Vipassana”? I mean, I only would go so far as to describe what I’ve done, and I know this path I’m on is very hard, and it’s a very …

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That’s a surprising way of putting it, since the album actually seems to have a fair number of adult concerns in it.

I sound like, maybe, now I’m in my 20s instead of my teens, which probably will strike people as more appropriate and more relatable for an average critic, who is probably also in their 20s or 30s.

You’ll really analyze stuff on the Spotify top ten. As I was debating this very question that you asked, as I was starting to work on this album, I went to Spotify and looked at, say, the rock playlist, the main rock playlist, and I could look at all the lyrics and say, “Okay, how many of these are about romantic relationships? What I was gonna say was, to what extent have you analyzed your own early music to see why it works? This is going to sound weird, but it wasn’t until I discovered Sam Harris’s podcast [] that I started to feel some of that need for intellectual-hangout, cafeteria, lunch-room conversation to be satisfied. There are way more things I want and need to do in my life than I possibly have time for. Probably no one else would think it’s amazing, but for me, it is.

The song you just mentioned, “Weekend Woman” — the verse is from 2000. I think, also, there’s something about my voice that sounds good when I’m singing about a girl. It’s gotta feel like, You’re very analytical about other people’s songs, from what I’ve heard. I’m trying to think of other popular musical topics. I looked up money, and there’s hardly any mention of money in alternative music. it’s just completely off the table, because of having the family.

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  1. Our benchmarks as a couple are totally different, the obvious being your relationship with my child. If anything, I am more vulnerable because I am more serious about my time and my relationships. This is the one that ties a neat bow around the whole thing.