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It was the voice of a single woman whose children had left the nest and now she was living alone. If you live alone - we want you to share your thoughts about things like: things you do because you live alone, daily challenges, why you have chosen to live alone, friends, pets, music, sex, support, traveling, things you like about living alone, self motivation, wishes, advantages and disadvantages, how to survive --- you get the drift - just anything that deals positively with this subject.

Send: Your Comments " I like to do what ever I want too do, I like cooking when I want too.

I have found out that the man I used to be married to is dying of cancer and that would be very unpleasant. I suppose I always guessed that it would turn out like this from the way he used to drink.

Now I will be able to dance(almost) on his grave.," " For me there is a difference between living ALONE and living on ONE'S OWN............

Living alone is not my choice, though it has lots of advantages. Though I am quiet and can entertain myself with indoor hobbies , sometimes I do need to share my days with a trustworthy man than wasting the beauty that life brings me. When I encounter the nice neighbors, it's just small chit chat.

I am old school type and only interested in mutual commitment" " i am 71 years old been a widower for 11 years.i have a son who just got engaged and that's mean i will be is no fun be alone i don't care what anybody says i was married for 25 years and i miss being in love that warm feeling you get when you come home and there is someone waiting for holidays come around is the worst.i would love to have a soulmate again." " What a great idea, a site that links up folks from all over the world. But there seems to be quite a few that I've met that I don't like very much.

Fifty percent of Moscow residents are living their lives in solitude.As someone who has spent much of the last 3 years living in Jamaica, I do have experience and opinions about living here.Pensions and Retirement Age Living and working in the UK most of my life I witnessed the retirement and pension age steadily rising, with experts claiming that I will have to wait until I am 67 or 68 to receive full state pension. The facts are that even as a homeowner in the UK, with no mortgage, the cost of living is high and it is possible that the figure I would receive each week would be the same as my monthly heating bill alone.I like to have my home to myself most of the time, I like friends and neighbours coming over...the piece and quiet when they have gone is lovely.Of course loving company is great........UNloving company?? Missing a loving partner due to death is dreadful........those friends who have passed on I miss but I still talk to them in my head, they are still very much alive to me its just that I cant see or hear them. ......the sun is shining and I am off out for a walk.While it may not be a luxurious lifestyle you could live a comfortable and relaxed life in the sunshine on your UK State pension (or US Social Security).Depending on where you rent you can find a one bedroom apartment for between JMDk(£164 US4) to k(£273 US6) a month in Ocho Rios or any big town on the north coast.Now consider this is a way of life in your future, if you were to take the same UK State Pension of between £84.45 (US 0) and £110.15 (US 4) a week and exchange that to Jamaican Dollars JMD$ at today’s rate you would expect to get between JMD,284.51 and JMD,935.93 a week, or between JMD,232.87 and JMD,389.03 a month to live on.Not bad when you consider that many a Jamaican live on a wage of JMD,500.00 (£69 or US5) a week or JMD,166.66 (£296 or US5) a month.Houses can cost JMDk(£437 US0) a month or more if you are in a gated community or in the best areas in Kingston.You can purchase a house for around JMD,000,000(£49,242 US,186) and up.

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