Littlebitta dating sd

(That's not me, I just thought her boots were cool.) Happy, happy birthday, my sweetest of sweet people ever to be born.

This franchise brings in the highest ratings of the series, and I think it’s because they have cast interesting women who know how to bring drama without cutting to the bone. Kandi Burruss has been on since Season Two and is another fan favorite, and the first housewife with bonafide street credentials in the music industry.

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Phaedra was a great sport and allowed cameras to capture her emergency C-section.

Phaedra is also trying to show her breasts – but being natural, they are no match for Cynthia’s. They talk about Kandi working with Jennifer Hudson.

They have a conversation about Todd’s work, to make sure we understand she isn’t a sugar mama. Todd and Kandi talk about Porsha and Kordell, and Todd points out that their marriage worked until the girls messed it up.

There is going to be a big fight involving Kenya, and even Kandi is yelling about something. _____________________________________________________ This week the ladies head to Vegas for Joanna’s bachelorette party & then to California for her wedding.

It’s got to be killing Adriana that Bravo chose Joanna’s wedding for the season finale.

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