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The ticket prices will not be similar between airliners and starships because FTL interstellar travel will probably take more than a few hours for the trip.Therefore the starships will do fewer trips per year than airliners, so the starship passenger ticket price (and cargo waybill) will have to cover a larger share of the starship's yearly expense.Are you wondering if any banks buy the Iraqi Dinar?All figures are live mid-market rates, which are not available to consumers and are for informational purposes only.

Using a long series of estimations whose details can be found in Rick's article he concludes that the annual operating cost for an airliner is about million (not counting fuel, landing fees, and taxes).

Written with help from a real live economist, this allows one to model interplanetary and interstellar trade with equations and everything.

It has detailed analysis of the economics of interstellar trade, and a system of equations to model trade routes and economic demands.

Question: how many cargos can a merchant starship carry in 1 year?

That is, assuming a full cargo turnover at each port of call, how many one-way runs can the ship make? From departure planet orbit to FTL flight to arrival planet orbit. Assumption: each trip requires one month for servicing, maintenance, selling the cargo, buying new cargo for the next run.

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