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Although Seven tries to call her out for her behavior, the script doesn't allow Dale to escape the pit that she's fallen into.It's a depressing mess to watch that becomes even more depressing when we consider that a woman actually wrote this stereotypical drivel.In Slightly Single in LA, we follow 20-something Dale Squire (Lacey Chabert) through a short series of failed relationships in her non-descript hometown.Frustrated by these setbacks, Dale decides that she's moving out to LA to look for love.While Chabert delivers a heartfelt performance, she simply can't overcome the bland script from which she's working.The same is true for Pardue, who tries hard to make sparks fly in the midst of a story that's absurd, but not in an entertaining way.Don't be fooled by the cute packaging and occasional laughs: Slightly Single in LA is a mediocre film that has nothing exciting or sexy to say.

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Things aren't any more original where Lacey's two best friends, Becca (Carly Schroeder) and Hallie (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), are concerned. And then there's Zach (Kip Pardue), an old friend of Dale's who is now a big rock-and-roll star.It doesn't help that the film is punctuated by Dale's voiceover monologues.Addressing the audience directly, she does the same old thing: she complains about her narcissistic friends, bad dating choices and the social climate of LA.Dale narrates these moments for us, letting us in on her deepest thoughts about love and relationships.The only problem is that none of these thoughts are meaningful or original.Last week I recommended ‘Make the Yuletide Gay‘ to watch with your family as the perfect Christmas movie and this week since I figure many of you are still with family I’d recommend another good movie to watch with the fam.Before ‘Brokeback Mountain’ set the world on fire in 2005 there was a smaller film called ‘Loggerheads‘ that made quite a splash via the Sundance Film Festival and Outfest where it won the grand prize.Only one of Dale's friends, the uptight and pretentious Jill (Haylie Duff), is in a long-term relationship.Her fiance Drew (Chris Kattan) is portrayed as a jerk who wears fashionable jogging suits and hounds Jill about her personality and lifestyle.Instead of coming across as the person in deep thought that her facial expression suggests, we get the sense that Dale is essentially immature and eager to blame others for her love problems.Midway through the movie, frustrated with all her chatter about Zach, Seven asks Dale, "Why don’t you just go for him?! The majority of the film's scenes are composed of Dale complaining either about the men she's dating or the men she's dating.

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