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That rich tradition is celebrated in "The Arts of Kashmir" at the Asia Society in New York, the first ever U. The Kashmir Valley rests on a 6,000-foot-tall plateau, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas.

The venerable-looking ascetic is shaded by a native plant, the chinar, but the composition leans heavily on Persian landscapes of the period, around 1650. He figures prominently in an 18th-century watercolor, done with gold on paper and originally from an unknown poetic chronicle.The most interesting of the album pages are two examples rendered in opaque watercolor and gold on paper, dating to 1680.In Review of Troops, soldiers mounted on horseback await in parade position.Kashmir under the Mughals In 1535, the Mughal empire began its great incursion into Kashmir.Arriving from Persia only a few years before, the Mughals had already established themselves in central India, with their headquarters at Delhi.The soldiers from the two nations have engaged in fierce border skirmishes along the rugged and mountainous Line of Control, as well as a lower-altitude 200-kilometer (125-mile) boundary separating Indian-controlled Kashmir and the Pakistani province of Punjab, where most of the latest fighting occurred.India and Pakistan have a long history of bitter relations over Kashmir, which both claim.They brought fast horses and a large retinue of Baghdad artists.It was Shah Jahan, however, the third of the great Persian shahs, who was so taken with the beauty of the Kashmir Valley that he established a residence there. The shahs were Muslim rulers, and so we see them in their Kashmiri portraits, replete with turbans, pictured in elaborate gardens and royal gatherings called "durbars," preparing to hunt deer, leopards -- what have you.India says 25 civilians and 18 soldiers have been killed this year in over 800 cease-fire violations initiated by Pakistan.Pakistan accuses Indian forces of more than 1,050 cease-fire violations this year, resulting in the deaths of 28 civilians and injuries to 117 others.

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