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Barclay's own translation is printed at the beginning of each of the paragraphs into which the epistle is divided. It’s main point – “True Faith is a Faith that Works!

Most valuable for its word studies and background material. James refers to: Abraham, Isaac, Rahab, Job, & Elijah, & alludes to 21 O. ”If we truly practice our faith it will be seen in: How we face trials (ch.1); How we treat people (ch.2); What we say (ch.3); How we deal w/ sin in our lives (ch.4); How we Pray (ch.5). “See Christianity must not only be believed, it must be lived!

Beatlemania never really ended since its initiation; it became a movable feast in many hearts and minds, a sweet memory of youth, when all you need is love and a little help from a friend to be happy.

Their songs and images carrying powerful ideas of love, peace, help, and imagination evoked creativity and liberation that outperformed the rusty Soviet propaganda and contributed to breaking walls in the minds of millions, thus making impact on human history.

He is considered one of the most successful entertainers of all time.

To the latter, the method of application is enriching and edifying.

Sir Paul Mc Cartney is a key figure in contemporary culture as a singer, composer, poet, writer, artist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and holder of more than 3 thousand copyrights.

See Critique of Barclay who is not always fully orthodox Intro: James is a very practical book that discusses “living the Faith”! T.’s book of Proverbs; you’ll hear bits of the Sermon on the Mount in it; & you’ll see many O. It deals w/the crucial relationship between faith & active works! ” The type of Christianity that has “no experience of a changed life”, is no Christianity at all! Here is plenty of practical advice on Christian living!

You could call it the “How-To” Book on Christian Living! ) “The true seed of saving faith is verified by the tangible fruit of serving faith.” Will you take the challenge this morning (& each Sunday morn) to be a “doer” of James words? Goodspeed called James, “just a handful of pearls, dropped one by one into the hearers mind.” Johann Bengel James Commentary The Critical English Testament Similar to following but less Greek C H Spurgeon wrote that Bengel's NT commentary "is the Scholar's delight!

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