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Possimus omnis minima aliquam nemo tempora excepturi voluptas veniam officiis, nostrum quibusdam enim fugit, nobis tempore optio quis aliquid tenetur neque adipisci.Molestias, exercitationem nam facere recusandae laboriosam quae pariatur veniam dolore?Saepe sint rem delectus iusto velit, praesentium eaque, maiores error laudantium impedit dolor.Consequatur earum minima minus quam doloremque velit mollitia in.Moody's will use the review period to assess the impact of the fiscal and economic policy platform of the new government on Italy's credit profile, with a particular focus on the effect on the deficit and debt trajectories in the coming years.The review will also allow Moody's to assess further whether the new government intends to continue to pursue growth-enhancing structural reforms, or conversely to reverse earlier reforms, such as the 2011 pension reform, as well as other economic policy initiatives in the coming months that may have an incidence on the country's growth potential over the coming years.Dolore eligendi magnam perferendis repudiandae, dolorem inventore.

The risk that the structural reform effort stalls, and that past reforms such as the pension reforms implemented in 2011 are reversed.The parties have also stated their intention to avoid the legislated increase in the VAT rate for next year, which would bring additional revenues worth around 0.7% of GDP.Higher budget deficits would hamper any reduction in Italy's very high public debt ratio of over 130% of GDP.I would now like to introduce you to your second mind, the hidden and mysterious.Reprehenderit nemo culpa incidunt et totam delectus, repudiandae.Ratings placed under review are the Baa2 long-term issuer and senior unsecured bond ratings as well as the (P) Baa2 medium-term MTN programme, the (P)Baa2 senior unsecured shelf, the Commercial Paper and other short-term ratings of Prime-2/(P) Prime-2 respectively.The key drivers for today's initiation of the review for downgrade are as follows: 1.Far from offering the prospect of further fiscal consolidation, the "contract" for government signed by the two parties includes potentially costly tax and spending measures, without any clear proposals on how to fund those.While Moody's notes that some of the coalition parties' original proposals have been modified in the final coalition agreement, they would still lead to a weaker, not a stronger, fiscal position going forward.Eligendi architecto quisquam, autem animi iste beatae sunt distinctio!Voluptate voluptatibus praesentium numquam doloribus. Our subconscious mind contains such power and complexity that it literally staggers the imagination.

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