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Jermaine Dupri, who signed Bow Wow to So So Def in 2000 when his name was still prefixed with Lil, is also one of the series' executive producers.

As with most reality shows, the first episode set the tone for a lot of the drama to come on this season.

One particular incident that seemed to cause some tension between the former lovebirds was when Mena revealed in an Instagram post that she had suffered a miscarriage. Why do we feel sometimes that we have to ask the internet, cuz mother------ don’t care. You’re looking for some type of sympathy or some type of attention to make you feel good …

I’m glad that young Black audiences are finally getting the behind-the-scenes production they deserve.

We know that some guys in Atlanta don’t like Bow Wow, and we can’t imagine why.

Shaniah is something of a goody two shoes, who is undoubtedly going to butt heads with her overprotective father. Deb, and Ayana has quit her day job to pursue a dream to some very mixed reactions.

Barnes’ cousin is Ayana Fite, daughter of the Beastie Boys’ DJ Hurricane..

The first episode opens with a montage of all of his accomplishments, which include being a popular rapper over a decade ago and dating famous women.

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