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Thus, it seems to me that Greece should choose NO on July 5.No to the banksters' ultimatum, no to their dominion, and no to their parasitism.This is especially true of Easter and the beginning of August when many Athenians take their vacations.If you can stay in Athens and leave when everyone is returning then do that.

Keep in mind that demonstrations can have an undesirable effect on your plans to travel in and out of Athens.That's how it seems to me; but it is easy for me to say such things, since I won't be the one who suffers. [An earlier version without the second sentence was published elsewhere before my message adding that sentence arrived.Driving in mainland Greece and on the Greek islands is a pleasure for those who know how to drive and especially those who know how to drive defensively. The most important thing to know is that following the rules is seen as a weakness of character by many Greek men who drive with the patience and consideration of a 13 year old drug addict in need of a fix.Most are in the Syntagma Square area but they often march somewhere.Strikes and demonstrations are usually announced in the English language Kathimerini Daily.Maybe its a coincidence, but more likely it is a macho thing. That does not mean that you should race through yellow lights to avoid being rear-ended.It means you should slow down and it means you should definitely not decide at the last instant not to go through. It is better to have the guy behind you swearing at you than on top of you.4) Motorbikes don't obey any lanes or rules and there is usually one or more somewhere nearby.Apparently they want to make an example of Greece to intimidate other victims.With their rejection of Greece's last offer, their arrogance is now explicit: they demand Greece choose between the disaster of economic exclusion and the disaster of economic occupation.Just assume that nobody but you knows how to drive and you have to make up for their lack of ability by driving more defensively.2) There are lanes but these can get blurred in certain places so keep your eyes on the car in front of you.There is especially a lack of lane discipline at night.

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