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You can expect the first transfer to take a while, which is why a wired Ethernet connection with its faster transfer rates is the best option.After all your music files are transferred to the HAP-Z1ES by the HAP Music Transfer app, the HAP-Z1ES connects to Gracenote’s database to acquire artwork for any files that may not have artwork.The Sound As someone who has felt that the best digital reproduction comes from files that have not had their native rate changed, reading that PCM files can be converted into DSD by the HAP-Z1ES raised some red flags.But after comparing the HAP-Z1ES’s DSD Remastering Engine’s rendition of PCM recordings with those same files played back at their native rate through the HAP-Z1ES, I can only conclude that whatever Sony is doing in the conversion process doesn’t appear to have any signature negative sonic effects.

These could be handy, especially if you’d like something a bit more selective than good old-fashioned shuffle mode.

In addition to playing music from your music library, the HAP-Z1ES also has a built-in Internet radio tuner.

Called the “V-Tuner,” this feature includes the ability to search for Internet radio stations by genre or location.

In my music library of almost 6000 songs, selecting “extreme” brought up 34 tracks. The HAP App and HAP-Z1ES Remote The HAP-Z1ES comes with a silver wand-shaped remote control.

It also has its own dedicated free downloadable app.

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